5 Best Natural Attars in India-

Are you also looking for the best natural attars, before that do you know what are attars? An attar, also known as ittar, refers to a sweet perfume oil from botanical sources. This prized scent of tradition from the Orient traces its history to the Persian physician Ibn Sina, who first used the hydro-distillation method to create enchanting fragrances. If you want to indulge in this mesmerizing aroma, then you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we have curated a list of the 5 best attars available in India. Scroll down and take your pick!

1. Shamama Attar:

Shamama attar is a very famous and traditional attar in India, and it has a deep formula for every producer of fragrances. It includes 20+ various herbs and spices blended collectively in several ratios, which go inside the water distillation still.

The Shamama Attar is broadly praised for its lasting scent, non-allergic and exotic perfumes. Shamama Attar is surely one of the most demanded fragrances in India or across the world. Lucknow, a historic city based in Uttar Pradesh, India is known as “The Attar City” and has been producing the world’s best fragrances for decades. Shamama is a traditional attar in India.

And it is wrong to consider Shamama as a blend of various natural oils – it is actually a co-distillate product.

1. Shamama Attar
1. Shamama Attar

2. Ruh Gulab (Rose Attar):

Ruh Gulab is a pretty elaborate, sweet flowery scent. The Rose (Ruh Gulab) attar we have done tried to take the fragrance of Rose Damascena. The floral rosy natural with a long fragrance is certainly excellent. Ruh proposes a spirit or essence. Rose is called Gulab in the Urdu language.

2. Ruh Gulab (Rose Attar): Best Natural Attars
2. Ruh Gulab (Rose Attar)

3. Ruh Khus Attar (also called as Natural Khus Attar):

Ruh Khus attar, also known as natural vetiver attar, has nervous method maintaining and uplifting qualities, presenting it an excellent choice for helping to reduce stress and depression. Its balancing influence treats eases apprehensive tension and extreme power while helping to focus the mind, coordinate scattered ideas, and to succeed in intellectual fatigue. A natural tranquilizer, it can also help with sleep and sleeplessness attention. Its excellent grounding qualities make ruh khus attar and essential oil an overall efficient choice for emotional centering.

Ruh Khus Attar: Best Natural Attars
Ruh Khus Attar:
4. Black Oud Attar (One of the best Natural Attar):

Attar Oud is one of the most expensive fragrances in India and across the World. Black oud attar is extracted from agarwood in India which is also known as the name (Oudh) oud (denial of oud) in Arabic Countries. Oud or agarwood is one of the most famous perfumes in the market today. Oud is said to be the most expensive perfume oil of agarwood; oud oil’s cost is evaluated to be 1.5 times the cost of gold, and it is sometimes suggested as ‘liquid gold. Powerful and Rich, sweet of oud, woody fragrance is instantly recognizable.

4. Black Oud Attar:
4. Black Oud Attar:
6. Musk Attar:

Musk attar is a perfume ingredient, or “natural”, traditionally derived from the anal gland of the male musk deer. In large concentrations, it smells like feces. And the ingredient evaporates slowly, so the smell lasts a long time. There are other natural musks, from similarly fecal sources, with similar smells.

Hope this information will help you pick your next fragrance. 

Choosing the best quality attar in India can be intimidating, especially if you are new to it. You must understand that there are many fragrances available in the market but not every fragrance has the original ingredients. You must try to associate yourself with a particular fragrance first, before making the decision of investing in it. Buy from the best range of fragrances and take guidance from the experts, if needed. We, at Hasanoud value your money and emotions. Hence, we bring to you the best fragrances for you. So, come join us in our new scent journey and experiment with the fragrances.