7 Interesting Things About Perfume! You Have To Know?

Who doesn’t love smelling fabulous? Perfume has become a product so embedded in our daily ritual that we’d feel naked without a spritz of our signature scent before running out the door. Of course, we’re all familiar with the usual triumphs and struggles that come with picking out a scent but surprisingly, there’s more to know about perfume beyond just how it smells. Before you sniff more tester wands than your nose can handle, we’ve listed below 10 surprising (but important!) things to know about perfume — just in time for your next shopping trip!

1. Perfume is applied to the pulse points because they radiate heat.

Ever wondered why perfume is typically applied to spots like the inner wrist and base of the neck? These are pulse points, where the blood vessels are the closest to the skin’s surface – that’s why it’s easier to take your pulse there. These points radiate heat, which helps the perfume radiate from your skin to the air.

2. Applying a little cream to your pulse points before you spray perfume makes the scent last longer.

The cream is occlusive and holds the fragrance to your skin much longer than if you were to spray the perfume onto your skin directly. Another option is to put perfume right after your shower when your skin is still damp because the moisture helps retain the perfume. 

3. Rubbing your wrists after you put on perfume is a no-no.

Perfumes are a complex combination of top notes, heart notes and base notes. Top notes are usually more delicate and evaporate faster, whereas base notes last much longer. Rubbing your wrists together after you apply perfume distorts the balance between the scents.

4. Your nose and brain get used to familiar scents, so you can’t smell your own perfume after a few minutes.

Ever noticed that your perfume disappears after a few minutes? The truth is that it’s still there, but your nose and brain stop noticing it because it becomes familiar. Once your brain realises that it’s not harmful, it just ignores it. In fact, if you have a signature scent that you use all the time, your brain becomes so used to it that it barely notices it at all, and you’ll only be able to smell the top notes of the scent every time you spray it. 

5. The same perfumes can smell different on two different people.

Perfume mixes with your unique scent. The final product that other people smell is a combination of the ingredients of the perfume, your odour print, your sweat and environmental components like dirt and pollution. In fact, your diet plays a major role in determining what your unique scent is. 

6. Sniffing several different perfumes in a row overwhelms your senses.

If you’re testing perfumes, take it slowly and avoid smelling more than two or three at a time, since smelling too many together overloads your brain and makes it hard for it to differentiate between different scents. 

7. When you’re trying a new scent, spray it on your wrist and wait for a few minutes.

If you spray perfume on your wrist and sniff it immediately, you’ll only be able to smell the top notes, which evaporate very quickly. For a more balanced evaluation, wait for a few minutes until the perfume has dried and then sniff your wrist.

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