A Guide on Rose Attar-

Rose attar, also known as Ruh Gulab is one of the most widely used natural perfumes throughout the world. Roses are considered the most beautiful flowers on the earth and their fragrance is globally respected for their soft, heart-touching smells.

Other common names of rose attars include rose oil, rose essence, rose otto, rose essential oil, and attar of roses. Now we will discuss in detail rose attars-

What is Rose Attar?

Rose attars are typically natural essential oils derived from the petals of diverse types of roses. They are made through the steam distillation process while rose absolutes are collected through the solvent extraction process.

The absolutes are more commonly used in the perfumery industry and the techniques of production originated in Persia. Even with the higher cost and the advent of synthetic substitutes, rose attars or rose oils are one of the most widely used perfumes on the globe.

History Of Rose Attar 

Uses of roses as a fragrance were adopted by the early civilizations like Romans, Chinese, and Egyptians who grew the flowers widely around 5000 years ago.

In India, since the time of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, rose attars have been distilled in the city “Kannauj” (the attar capital in India) for more than 400 years. Nur Jahan, the wife of Emperor Jahangir, was an avid enthusiast of roses that she used to bathe in a water pool packed with rose petals. 

Major Compounds of Rose Attars

Rose attars may contain hundreds of components as per the extraction method and blending composition. However, the fundamental compounds that contribute to the excellent distinctive smells of rose oils are beta-damascenone, beta-ionone, beta damascone, and rose oxide.

The presence of beta damascenone is considered as the quality marker of the rose attars. Though these constituents present in less than 1 %, they cover up more than 90 % of the scents. 

Uses and Benefits of Rose Attar Oils

Rose attars or rose essential oils are packed with several beneficial components that produce myriad benefits in both body and mind.

Some significant effects of rose attars or rose oils include –

Antimicrobial – Rose attars have certain compounds, especially citrus compounds that are antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal in nature, thus, being effective in skin health, flu, and respiratory infections.

Antioxidant – Rose attars are full of powerful antioxidants that may help to detoxify the body and skin.

Antispasmodic – Rose attar or rose essential oil can effectively relieve spasms of the muscles as well as respiratory system and intestine. Therefore, very effective in menstrual cramps, and miscarriages in women.

Improve depressive conditions – One of the main benefits of using rose attar is that it can improve mood, mental strength, and self-confidence, significantly fighting depressive conditions and stress.

Balance hormones – Rose attars are found effective in regulating hormonal secretions.

Anti-ageing – With its rejuvenating and skin-repairing actions, rose attar is a major ingredient to maintain a youthful complexion. 

Moisturizing – With its deep nourishing actions, rose attars are used in producing moisturizing cosmetics.

How To Use Rose Attars or Rose Oils?

As pure rose attar oil is highly expensive, it can be used after diluting with water or other ingredients whether you want to inhale it or plan to use it on your skin.

To take a rose attar bath – mix 10 drops into a carrier oil and then add to your bathing water. Attars or essential oils should always be mixed with any carrier oils before adding to water.

To manage stress, anxiety, and depression – you can either dab rose attar oil on your chest or it can be inhaled using a diffuser. You can also take an oil massage to relax your body and mind.

To wear the smell of rose attar – you can dab the oil on your finger and palm, rub the oil gently, and then use it on your clothing or skin.   

Rose attars are expensive natural perfumes that can be worn to improve social dignity. It presents the sense of taste and glory of the tradition. However, if you haven’t tried it yet, you should definitely consider experiencing the unique smells of natural rose fragrances.

Hope this information was useful!

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