Attars you must try in 2022

A brief introduction to attars: An attar (or ittar, as they are known in other parts of the world) is an essential oil extracted from plants via distillation and then bottled in scented liquid form. They have been used since the time of ancient Egypt but have recently enjoyed renewed popularity and are now being produced across the globe in many different regions, from India to the Middle East to Europe to America and beyond. In this article, we look at some of the popular attars you may wish to try in 2022.



It’s no surprise that an ingredient in perfumes and body oils since ancient times, amber—the fossilized resin of pine trees—is becoming increasingly popular. Once not used at all, it has had a renaissance due to advances in technology allowing us to extract its essential oil more easily than before. The scent is more pungent than rose or citrus and tends to produce a calming effect when worn. Attars of amber is often worn by those seeking creative inspiration or who wish to avoid mental stagnation. Wear with caution if your job requires long periods of concentration—this scent can distract you! 



First introduced in Egypt, Nakhla is still made today with a lot of natural ingredients. It is named after a small town close to Alexandria and its scent is said to resemble it. Most people will find Nakhla too sour but if you’re looking for something that gives off a sweet and sour vibe, go for it! Some people say they feel like they’re on a mini-vacation while smoking Nakhla. Either way, if you want incense that everyone can enjoy without turning your face away at how strong it smells then we recommend picking up Nakhla as soon as possible! It might not be as popular as Agarwood attar or Patchouli attar but make no mistake; you will love this product. 

Once you smoke it, you’ll understand why every ex-smoker doesn’t go back to regular cigarettes. Imagine: No stress about where your next pack of cigarettes will come from? You won’t miss another long line waiting outside stores only to find out there are no more smokes left? You don’t need nicotine patches anymore? Not feeling stressed out because the world around me isn’t getting darker each day?



Hydrating oil made from rose and orange flowers with a light floral scent. The name Hina refers to a beautiful woman who is deeply loved by her husband; Attar means perfume in Arabic. Rub on your pulse points before going out for date night or after a long day at work. A drop of rose water will also bring out your inner romantic self and put you in a more amorous mood. Keep it on hand throughout 2022, as it’s said to promote peace within your home and enhance spiritual well-being. For even more love luck, have partners spray each other with rose water while dressed up like flowers!

Lulu Lal

Lulu lal

The main attraction of Lulu Lal is that it is prepared by steaming instead of using heat. The oil and fragrance go very well with spicy cuisines like saag and chilli paneer, making it a preferred flavour enhancer. In addition to adding flavour to food, Lulu Lal enhances digestion and health, preventing flatulence and increasing appetite. The product uses natural herbs to remove bad odours from your hands while protecting them from drying out due to long soaks in water or constant handling of different foods during cooking. This makes it perfect for everyday use as well as for chefs and cooks who work with their hands all day long. It has been revealed that Amitabh Bachchan uses Lulu Lal for his skincare routine! It is one of the best attars of all the time!

Sweet Oudh By Hasan Oud-

Sweet oudh

This is a top-shelf attar. It is a beautiful blend of sweet, Hindi Oudh, Birch, Spices, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Amber, Ginger, Saffron and Sandalwood with strong scents of Gourmand (incense), Beeswax (cocoa), Amber and Rose. This perfume has no single scent; rather it takes the best of the Middle East and Indian regions where the ingredients are from and created a unique masterpiece, which lasts for a very good time.

There are many benefits of Sweet Oudh attar but it’s mainly used for its therapeutic properties. It’s good for balancing mood swings, relieving stress and anxiety, and depression. Ingesting a few drops of it every day can keep your spirit uplifted as well as keep away colds or flu symptoms. It also has antiseptic properties which help heal small wounds or cuts. If that wasn’t enough it’s also excellent for calming premenstrual symptoms so it’s great when trying to cope with problems.

Hope this information will help you pick your next fragrance (attars). 

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