Hi guys! My name is hassan siddiqui and today we are going to talk about Ajmal perfumes.
Ajmal perfume was launched by ajmal sahab almost 60 years ago in india, But now their entire management is based in dubai.
Their “shiro” is available approximate 45 countries.
I have been using Ajmal perfumes for the last 4 years.They offer us a very good product at a good price.
Their “W SERIES” is so famous and its quality is also very good.


So, the first.perfume we are going to talk about is named wisal. It is a rose based fragrance. You will get floral,spicy,woody notes in it. And there is a musk in its dry down that makes a lovely note. Its smell is too good. Its longevity is 6 to 7 hours and it is a unisex perfume. It performs good in winter but you can also use ut in summer. Its old batches used to lasts a long time, but its performe is good too. It is much better than we pay for this. I got it around 900 to 1000 rupees, because I live in Middle East and there it cost is much less. You will get it approximately in 1500 rupees in india. You’ll also get it around 1100 to 1200 on myntra. It is a so much good perfume at its price point.

Wisal Dhahab

Let’s talk about the next perfume. Its name is ajmal wisal dhahab. Dhahab means gold, that’s why the bottle of perfume is golden colour and this is my favourite perfume. Its longevity is more than 12 hours and it stays even more on clothes. The projection of this perfume is too good, After projecting for 3 to 4 hours It becomes skin scent.
This fragrance is very loud. This is a fruity,floral,woody musky fragrance. Its original price is perhaps 3000 rupees. I got it for Rs.2500/-
You can also purchase it in very cheap price on the myntra Maybe Around 2000 to 2200, this perfume is very good at this price.
I have sugesst this perfume to many people and they have liked it very much.


Let us now talk about the third fragrance. Its name is Aristocrat. It is a safe fragrance, it is very good for the office. Its longevity and projection are moderate. This will give you 4 to 5 hours of longevity if you are outdoors. In Indoor it can give you 5 to 6 maybe. After its opening note fade, a sweet powdery lavender type smell comes And that is probably a note of watermelon and I like it very much. It also has a female version but its smell is much different than this. These bottles look very unique in appearance. Its price is 4000 to 4500. You will check it on myntra maybe there its price is a little less.



Let us now talk about the next perfume. This is an oil version perfume. Its a 30 ml bottle and I got it for 2500 rupees. Check it out on myntra, it will probably be cheaper there. This is quite a good mukhallat. It is quite difficult to know its notes, but according to me it is spicy, woody, floral, musky oil And there is also a tremendous note of saffron in it. Its longevity is 6 to 7 hours on the skin and its projection is also very good And it lasts a little more on clothes. Its bottle is also very beautiful in appearance.


Let’s Talk about the next fragrance, its name is mizyan. It is a unisex attar oil. It has floral, spicy, musky smell It also has a saffron note And in its base comes woody and ambry notes Because of these they last a lot more. Its performance is very good, it stops on the skin for 6 to 7 hours.It lasts a bit more on clothes.Its pricing is also very low. I got it for less than 1000 rupees.You can check its online price in India. you will get it Between 1000 to 1500.And this is a great attar for summer.I also have its deodrerent and Its smell is very similar But its performance is slightly lower. I got it for about 200 rupees. And Ajmal also makes deodorant of many of his perfumes.


Let’s talk about the next perfume, its name is Mukkhallat al shams.This is a perfume that people who are not aware of oud do not like it at all.But after half an hour, it turns into a very beautiful fragrance. Its longevity is 6 to 7 hours and it stays very much on clothes For more than 12 hours. It contains rose, sandalwood, Rose, sandalwood, musk have been used in it.I love this perfume very much.I got this perfume for 2500 rupees And this perfume is not available in India, so you will have to get it from Dubai.


Let’s talk about the next perfume, its name is BLU.It is a floral, aromatic, aquartic, Fresh, Spicy Perfume. And for those who like designer perfumes more then this is very good them.Slightly weaker in case of longevity. Its longevity is just 5 to 6 hours.And there is a note of watermelon in it and I like it so much.So you will keep smelling lavender in it This is good for office goers or college goers And the bottle is also made in such a way that you can easily carry it in your bag And anytime you can apply this. And its pricing is also good its price Varying between 1000 to 1500
You will check it online in India, i got it around 1200 to 1300 rupees.


Now let’s talk about the last perfume of this video.Its name is Silver Shade. This is a clone of a very expensive perfume Which is named Silver Mountain Water And one bottle of that is available for 20000 rupees.I never smelled it personally so I cannot tell you how close it is.

Thans for reading and watch the video

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