How to Apply Attar Perfumes oils?

Just like how serene the name sounds, the attar perfumes is a variant of perfume that presents an overwhelming experience. Smelling it transports your mind instantly to a valley of flowers. Attar is a pure perfume oil extracted from botanical sources, mainly flowers (like rose, jasmine, and sandalwood), spices, herbs, and barks. Most perfumes that are available in the market feature high content of alcohol, even up to 95%. So, the pure perfume oil content they provide is only a small percentage of 5-20%.  On the other hand, the attar is 100% pure attar perfumes that are free from alcohol and chemicals.

The Classic Way To Apply Your Perfume Oil

The classic, traditional way to use perfume oil is to apply the fragrance indirectly to the garment/clothing you are wearing. The perfume oil can be applied with the roller head of the perfume bottle or with the applicator stick. Put one or more drops of the perfume oil into the palm or rather the inner wrist and lightly rub the palms together. Now gently apply the perfume to the cloth by striking the palms over the fabric. In doing this, you prevent soiling clothes and ensure that the attar perfumes oil spreads evenly over a large part of the clothes. 

However, always consider the sensitivity of the clothing or the colour of the garment. Lightly coloured or sensitive fabrics such as silk should be tested in a non-visible place beforehand. This security measure is especially recommended for darker oils. 

Applying The Perfume Oil Directly On Skin Or Hair

Apply a small perfume drop on your inner wrists, behind your earlobes, jawline, hair tips or into the tips of your beard (If you are wearing one.).

The sillage of the perfume often doesn’t start instantly. Don’t be tempted to apply more oil quickly, but instead, wait for a short time. Perfume oils get stronger when they get warmer by your skin temperature and your movements. A “Top-Up” is always an option later, but weakening the fragrance afterwards if you have used too much is quite tricky. 

A Little But Important Advice 

How long a perfume lasts on the skin also depends on the respective skin type. Dry skin, unfortunately, has a very negative effect on the durability of the fragrance. Under unfortunate circumstances, the perfume only lasts for one or two hours, which of course is not a nice and satisfying result. Here, small tricks such as using the perfume oil directly after the shower or moisturizing the skin with an odourless lotion or an oil-water mixture can help.

As with all products, please take care when using perfume oils for the first time. Don’t use them internally; keep them away from your eyes and mouth. In case of a skin rash or itching, discontinue immediately and wash thoroughly with soap and water.

How do apply perfume to last all day?

1. Apply at the right time

Applying perfume just after taking a shower when skin is damp allows it to lock in the scent. Also, before putting on your clothes wait a few minutes for the perfume to dry.

2. Rub petroleum jelly on the pulse point

Rub a little Vaseline on the pulse points you are choosing. Then apply your perfume as the ointment helps in holding the fragrance for longer. You can get the best roll-on perfume at Neesh.

3. Spray your hairbrush

Bad hair odour can be a big turn-off. You do not only want your body and clothes to smell good, but also your hair. You can either buy dedicated hair perfumes for this or spray your favourite perfume on your brush and then run it through your hair. Never spray alcohol-based perfumes directly on hair as that can dry it out.

If you do not want your perfume to lose its essence, do not store it on your bathroom shelf. Humidity and dampness do not react well with fragrances and break them down. Store it in a dark and cool place to enjoy it till the expiration date. Making the perfume last is all about knowing how and where to apply it. Once you figure that out, you can make the most out of your perfume. 

If you are also thinking of buying an attar for yourself then come and join us in our new scent journey and experiment with our various fragrances.