Perfumes and Their Connection With Our Mental Health

For many decades now, researchers are exploring the field of perfumes and their impact on the mental health and well-being of a human. One must understand that a perfumes smell is not just a smell. Time and again researchers have proved that an aroma has an everlasting impact on the minds of people. Most of all, even a slight whiff of the scent can remind you of a person, event, moment, or place. Isn’t it a marvellous creation?

From time immemorial, fragrances from essential oils are being used for aromatherapy. In this process, different kinds of fragrances are used to stimulate good mental health. Different people have different responses to a particular odour, aroma, or scent, and that’s the basis of aromatherapy. However, some people often confuse aromatherapy with aromachology. Aromachology (aroma + psychology) is the study of how an aroma affects the psychology of an individual. It focuses on the impact of fragrances, both natural and artificial, on our minds and mental health.

Is Perfumes Good For Mental Health

While some perfumes or aromas are special for a particular individual, others do have a collective reaction. But how does this happen? Here is how. When we smell a particular scent for the very first time, let’s say lavender, it gets feed in our olfactory cortex which is located in the temporal lobe of our brain. Just like we maintain a diary entry, our olfactory system logs in the details of the scent along with the memory of that moment we are living it. So, as soon as you smell that perfume again, you will rocket back to that memory. It will arouse emotional reactions, and bring back memories. This is the power of a fragrance.

Moreover, certain fragrances may give us a collective sense of feeling. For example, lime and peppermint. Since we all use room fresheners and disinfectants in our homes, we all are familiar with that smell. So, whenever we smell lime or peppermint aroma, it gives us a feeling of freshness and thus, relieves our mind. Also, the aroma of our homes, mother, or father gives us a feeling of security and comfort. Thus, every fragrance is special and holds a special meaning for each one of us.

Though our sense of smell is individual to us, our response to certain aromas can trigger different emotions. Keeping this fact into consideration, we have increased the use of fragrances in our everyday life. Moreover, there is a growing demand for calming and soothing scents, especially in public places. Most of the showrooms, exhibitions, hotels, restaurants etc, have started using different ambient smells to attract more public. A place with good fragrance, good food, good ambience, and a relaxing atmosphere, who wouldn’t like that?

Perfumes are so powerful that they can affect our well-being and moods. It can provide us with a sense of love, security, freshness, contentedness, and comfort. Undoubtedly, that is the reason why there are so many tales of soldiers carrying handkerchiefs scented with their loved one’s perfume during World War II. That scent provided them with a feeling of belongingness even during those terrible and often lonely times. 

While citrus scents provide us with a sense of freshness and refresh our minds, marine scents give us a sense of peace and tranquillity. Also, woody fragrances stimulate a feeling of being grounded, motivated, and build our inner strength, whereas floral fragrances relieve our stress and soothe our minds. Thus the impact of different kinds of perfume is different for each and every individual, but sometimes it gives a collective feeling as well.

Most importantly, you must understand that there are many fragrances available in the market but not every fragrance has the original ingredients. You must try to associate yourself with a particular fragrance first, before making the decision of investing in it. Buy from the best range of fragrances and take guidance from the experts, if needed. We, at Hasanoud value your money and emotions. Hence, we bring to you the best fragrances to improve your mental health. So, come join us in our new scent journey and experiment with the fragrances.