Attar, also known as ittar, is made using the essence of various flowers, herbs, roots, spices, and barks. It is 100 percent natural, and its aroma has the ability to last longer than any other perfume. The oil is extracted naturally using the distillation process. Produced from pure oils, it does not lose its essence. There are floral ittars made from flowers like chameli, Gulab, Kesar, and others. And, the herbal ones are made from a combination of flowers, herbs, and spices. You can also buy variants that are a combination of musk (Kasturi) and amber, and henna. This exotic perfume is supposed to be worn according to season. Musk, kesar, oud, and amber are warm ittars. Jasmine, khus, mogra, motiya, and others are cool varieties meant to be worn during the summer months. You can buy ittars from Hasanoud.