Kinam By Hasanoud Attar Alcohol Free 6ml


Kinam By Hasanoud

Best Attar Oil By Hasan Oud

  • Main Notes.Earty, Dry Tobacco,Smoky Notes, Foresty And Woody.
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kinam is a spicy woody fragrance that carries natural ingredients to give you a feel of the forest as the wind blows through your hair. the heart note is made of agarwood  that comes from the forest and tobacco leaf which creates a Smokey forest smell. giving you a feeling of being lost in sweet woods with an air of richness that surrounds you. kinam is a fragrance that connects you to the forest, providing a natural experience. kinam is crafted to be light and never overpowering nor heavy. The natural aroma of woods will bring out your inner elegance.


Ruh Kannauj By Hasanoud

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