The Benefits of Natural Perfumes-

The Benefits of Natural Perfume
The Benefits of Natural Perfume

Natural perfumes have been making their marks on human civilizations for thousands of years and it because of their benefits! With the increase of pollution-oriented health hazards, such as allergies, asthma, natural fragrances are becoming more popular day by day.

It’s really difficult to find out the exact favorite fragrance which suits your mood as well as your skin. Natural perfumes that smell as good as your favorites can be your best solution when you have extremely sensitive skin.

Reputable natural niche perfume brands such as Hasan Oud use only natural and pure essential oils to prepare a variety of natural fragrances that allow people with skin sensitivity to enjoy wearing natural fragrances without compromising ethics and quality.

But, what really the natural perfumes are? Let’s dive deep.

What are Natural Perfumes?

They are simply the perfumes made from only natural aromatic ingredients that are directly extracted from flora and fauna. Natural fragrances are typically free from any harmful toxic materials such as synthetic chemicals.

Major compounds of natural perfumes include natural essential oils, absolutes, tinctures, concretes, and resinous substances. Besides, some precious animal pheromones are also used to prepare natural fragrances.

Why Natural Perfume?

Though a huge number of perfumes are available on the market, most fragrances are made from synthetic ingredients, thus, causing some negative effects on people who have some toxic sensitivities. Most commonly, people with asthma and allergies face several health issues when wearing synthetic perfumes.

In contrast, natural perfumes are safe for all types of people and even for other animals and the environment. Additionally, they have various tremendous healing properties that may help to improve a person’s holistic health conditions including body, mind, and soul.

How are Natural Perfumes Made?

Although the production techniques are almost the same in both natural perfumes and synthetic ones, common steps are extracting, blending, and aging, the fundamental difference lies in their components.

They usually don’t use any synthetic aroma chemicals such as paraben and phthalates that may harm the users. Instead, plant materials such as roots, stems, leaves, seeds, flowers, resins, wood, and barks, and in non-vegan categories, animal materials like musk, ambergris, and civet have been used for centuries to produce natural fragrances. 

Their Benefits

1. Using natural essential oils rather than synthetics to create a fragrance that brings emotional and physical healing properties such as calming, energy-enhancing, relaxing, or mood-lifting.

2. Organic perfumes do not contain ingredients grown with chemicals, pesticides, or toxins, which can cause skin sensitivity and environmental damage.

3. Synthetic smells derived from petrochemicals can cause migraines, nausea, and lung irritation.

4. Unlike perfumes that contain synthetic products, natural perfumes are not tested on animals. Ingredients in mass-produced fragrances include phthalates and musk which have led to the terrible mistreatment of animals.

5. Mixing two synthetic perfumes can smell very unpleasant, whereas organic perfumes made from essential oils can be worn separately or layered to create different scents, depending on your mood.

6. Non-natural perfumes mask the skin, whereas organic and natural perfumes create an individual, more personal scent on the wearer.

7. Hasan Oud’s fragrances are free from pesticides and chemicals that, when contained in cosmetics, can be absorbed into the skin and the bloodstream.

8. In 2020 the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics revealed that the average synthetic fragrance contains up to 14 potentially harmful chemicals which the brands are not required by law to declare. Hasan Oud clearly declares all its ingredients.

9. Responsible organic perfume brands do not use unethical practices when creating their fragrances. Every Hasan Oud natural fragrance is created using the traditional art of natural perfumery which dates back to the 17th century.

10. The vast range of natural and organic perfumes sold in Hasan Oud’s online shop are made with exquisite natural compositions using gorgeous natural ingredients found in your favorite organic skincare products, including jasmine, rose, lavender, and violet.

With the increasing scenario of environmental pollution, using natural substances is the next big thing to save the generation. However, natural perfumes are getting back their lost glory over recent years.

Whenever you want to buy natural fragrances, make sure you check out that the ingredients used in the production are clearly defined in the company profile. Usually, niche perfumers like Hasan Oud produce pure natural perfumes. You can buy natural attars from our website.