The Fragrance Wheel: How to use it:

The Fragrance Wheel is a tool that helps understand and categorize different smells in a way that helps to understand them better. There are many aspects of the Fragrance Wheel that you need to understand in order to make it work for you

As we all know that there are multiple kinds of fragrances exist in the market. And when it comes to knowing which fragrance should choose might not be easy. You should know about different notes so that can select which fragrance is perfect. Therefore, we bring here an introduction to scent families and fragrance wheel.

The purpose of this article is to introduce the fragrance wheel and the scent families, as well as the major families and sub-families. This blog will look at those aspects, how to use them and how to effectively.

What Is Meant by Fragrance Wheel?

A fragrance wheel is a tool used by fragrance experts to help identify and classify different types of fragrances. The wheel is divided into categories, with each category representing a different type of fragrance. For example, the “ floral” category includes fragrances that are floral-scented, while the “ woody” category includes fragrances that are wood-scented.

A fragrance wheel is a helpful tool for both fragrance experts and consumers alike. Experts can use the wheel to quickly identify and classify different types of fragrances, while consumers can use it to find fragrances that suit their preferences.

Fragrance Wheel
Fragrance Wheel

What Does Scent Family Mean?

The scent family refers to a group of fragrances that share similar aromatic notes. These notes are derived from the same fragrance ingredients, but each scent in the family has its own unique blend of these ingredients. The different scents in a family are often used to create a layered fragrance, with each scent contributing its own distinct layer to the overall fragrance.

Scent families are typically classified by the dominant notes in the fragrance. For example, a floral scent family would be dominated by floral notes, while a woody scent family would be dominated by woody notes. There are also scent families that are dominated by a single note, such as a citrus scent family, which would be dominated by citrus notes.

The different scents in a scent family can vary greatly in terms of their overall fragrance profile. For example, a floral scent family might include a light, airy floral scent as well as a richer, more intense floral scent. This allows for a wide range of fragrance options within a single-family.

Scent families are a great way to find fragrances that you love. If you find a fragrance that you enjoy, you can then explore other fragrances in the same family to find other scents that you may enjoy just as much. This can help you to build a collection of fragrances that you love and that work well together.

Types Of Scent Families

There are four main types of scent families: Floral, Oriental, Woody, and Fresh. Each family has its own unique characteristics and notes.

1. Floral Scent Family

Floral scents are typically delicate and feminine, with notes of rose, jasmine, and lily. They can be sweet or sultry, depending on the ingredients.

The floral scent family is further divided into four different subfamilies –

Fruity – sweet, edible, tropical

Floral – rose, lily, jasmine, sunflower ( flower cut smell)

Soft Floral – soft, powdery, sweet, and like creamy