White Musk( The Secretive Perfume!)

White musk
White musk

A musky room. A musky cologne. A man’s musk. We hear this word all the time, but what is it or what is white musk?  

It is one of the very famous and favorite scents of all time. It’s somewhere on the border between sweet and masculine, and whenever we smell it, the words primitive and sensual come to our minds. What people love about this specific scent is that it mixes so well with others by bringing balance and elongating the fragrances blend.

What is white musk?

Ambrette is considered the natural musk, the best substitute in the botanical world. It’s also called vegetable musk.

Ambrette is typically the seeds of hibiscus species, botanically known as Hibiscus Abelmoschus. It has a soft, sweet, woody, and sensual scent that is very similar to Animal Musk.

Though Musk Deers can be farmed nowadays rather than hunted, their pouch can be surgically removed without killing them, it’s very hard to collect as it is scarce and illegal in most countries. Besides, cutting the pouch from a living Deer raises huge ethical questions in the entire natural perfumery industry.

Ambrette or natural musk is a great substitute for both true animal and synthetic one (often called white musk). This botanical note can be derived from hibiscus plants rather than harming the endangered Deer.

Ambrette seeds can be an alternative to musks either on their own for their light, delicate, and subtle musky fragrance, or other absolutes and darker oils can be blended to produce a more intense “animalistic musk accord” including Vetiver, Labdanum, Patchouli, and Sandalwood.

It’s Uses and benefits

Perfumery uses

White musk oil is most frequently used in natural perfumes as an alternative for animal musk; however, this use is mostly overwhelmed by various synthetic musks which are made from dangerous artificial molecules. It’s highly recommended to use only natural musk which is made from ambrette seeds.

Aromatherapy uses

Essential oils derived from the ambrette seeds emanate a wonderful soft musky smell, making it very beneficial in aromatherapy.

The musk scent of ambrette essential oil has been widely used in aromatherapy for treating anxiety, nervousness, and depression among other emotional imbalances.

Health benefits

Ambrette oil is widely used topically to treat dry skin and itching or diverse types of skin allergies.

Natural white musk perfume is a perfect choice for people who love to wear the sweet, seductive, sensual, and musky scents of animal musk without harming the beautiful Musk Deer. Besides, natural white musk has diverse healing properties, while synthetic white musk produces harmful effects on the body and mind. That’s why we use only natural ingredients so that you can enjoy the natural white musk scents along with their tremendous healing actions.

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