Things to Know Before Buying a Perfume

It is scientifically proven that it takes seven seconds for someone to make his or her first impression of you. This first impression doesn’t only take you aesthetically, at a visual value or speech but often affects your olfactory senses. The sense of smell comes into play as well.  So, here are some things that you should know about perfume.

Often while selecting a perfume for the occasion, we must understand what really we want to project about our personality. As Christian Dior once said, “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” Be it a subtle flowery note that reminds you of the value of flowers or a spicy-headed one that can engage an entire room. A perfume can tell so much about a person who she is and probably what she desires.

History of Perfume

Perfumery or the art of making perfumes began in ancient Egypt but was developed and further redefined by the Romans, the Persians, and the Arabs. Throughout history, people have created methods using petals, aromatic herbs, and oils to adorn their bodies with signature scents and fragrances.


 With the day to day experience, you have realised that often that smells good, tastes better but more often than not, some items like perfume may smell so good but maybe rather unappealing to your taste buds. This is mainly because perfumes have a base of ethylene or sometimes even alcohol. Obviously, scents are chemical compounds because otherwise if you were to throw plain rosewater or apple juice on yourself you would turn into a pollination ground.

Various sources

Various plant sources are used to make perfumes. Like from the bark of trees you get spicy exotic smells like that of cinnamon. Flowers and blossoms contribute to most of the feminine fragrances. Rose and Jasmine being the most obvious ones today. Moreover, fruit flavours that are naturally extracted are those of vanilla or citrus. Leaves like lavender leaves and orange leaves are more cliché examples. Other organic plant sources may come from roots and seeds like coriander, woods like sandalwood and resins. Animal sources mainly include the very famous deer musk.  Other natural sources include seaweeds and lichens like oak moss and tree moss. 

Selection based on the sources

You must understand that perfume is a compound mixture of contents. Each fragrance in its particular quantity acts as a mere stroke of the paintbrush in the final painting of a masterpiece. Since dry skin will not hold fragrances as long as oily skin. So, make sure always that your perfume is original by looking at its bar codes and also make sure that it has a tight-fitting lid.


You would have read words like Eu De Parfum, or Eu De Cologne on a bottle of perfume. It is important to know the exact definition of these terms because they do not mean the same thing. Firstly, when it says Pour Homme, and if it is Pour Femme then it is for women.

Extrait de parfum contains typically 20 per cent scent extracts and is strong. Eau De Parfum and Parfum De Toilette have 10 and 20% oil, although almost always less than 50%. Eau De Toilette is your go-to for warm weather or inoffensive everyday wear. They are usually less than 10% oil although they can be anywhere from 5 to 50%. Eau De Cologne is just for men and they are a great choice if you want something extremely fresh and light that you can use in more than a couple of places. These usually have about 5% fragrance oil in them but range from 3 to 8% concentration. Body Flash / Aftershave are the most dilute coming in at between one and three per cent fragrance oil.

Remember to wear the right perfume for the right occasion. Many perfumes act as aphrodisiacs by magnifying your sex appeal with synthetic pheromone. Remember that the stronger a perfume, the more attention it will seek. So, make sure to choose who you want to be when. Also, make sure you understand clearly from the salesperson what scent life is and about the perfume in each season. Remember that generally, a feminine scent would rather be floral and fruity as compared to more masculine woody and spicy scents.

Let me tell you a fun fact that the scientific studies have shown that there is a link between sense and our emotions so putting on the right fragrance really can put you in a better mood for example, if you want to relax wear a scent of lavender or something citrusy if you need an instant energy boost. Hope this information will help you pick your next fragrance.