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A Game-Changing Oud Perfume: My Experience with Oud Seufi by Hasan Oud

My Experience with Oud Seufi by Hasan Oud

As a fragrance enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for something new and exciting to try. And when I stumbled upon Oud Seufi by Hasan Oud, I knew I had to give it a shot. 

This premium fragrance is a masterclass in blending, with notes of skanky oud, agarwood, earthy undertones, and balsamic sweetness. 

Do you think it lives up to the hype? Let me tell you, it is game-changing.

The Initial Impression

From the moment I applied Oud Seufi, I was struck by its intense, bold opening. The raw, skanky oud note hits you right between the eyes, with a hint of animalistic undertones that add to the complexity of the fragrance. 

It's not for the faint of heart, but for those who love oud, this is a dream come true. The initial blast of oud is intense and overpowering, but as it settles on my skin, the agarwood begins to emerge, adding a warm, comforting quality to the scent.

The Blend

The combination of oud and agarwood is what truly sets Oud Seufi apart from other fragrances. The earthy undertones add a sense of depth and complexity to the scent, while the balsamic notes provide a sweet and soothing touch. The blend is expertly crafted to evoke a range of emotions and moods, from bold and adventurous to calm and relaxing.

Longevity and Projection

What sets Oud Seufi apart is its longevity. On my skin, it lasts for an impressive 10-12 hours, with a subtle trail that lingers long after the initial application has worn off. On fabric, it's even more impressive – it lasts for 24 hours, filling the entire room with its presence. The projection is also impressive, with the fragrance filling the air without being overpowering.

The Verdict

So who is this fragrance best suited for? Honestly, it is perfect for anyone who loves oud (and if you don't love oud, you might want to start with something else). The complex blend of notes will appeal to those who appreciate nuance and depth in their Fragrances. And if you are feeling adventurous, this is worth trying.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Recommendation: If you love oud or are looking for a complex, long-lasting fragrance with great projection, give  Oud Seufi a try. 

Fragrance Details:

Notes: skanky oud, agarwood, earthy undertones, balsamic sweetness

Longevity: 10-12 hours on skin, 24 hours on fabric

Projection: fills the entire room

Best for: oud enthusiasts and those who appreciate complex fragrances

Occasion: suitable for any occasion, depending on your mood

My Journey with Oud Seufi by Hasan Oud

Oud Seufi by Hasan Oud is a truly unique and captivating fragrance that will appeal to anyone who loves oud or complex fragrances. 

With its expertly crafted blend of notes and impressive longevity and projection, it's a must-try for any fragrance enthusiast. So don't be afraid to give it a shot – your nose will thank you!

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