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Musk Combo Attars Alcohol free 6ml set

Musk Combo Attars Alcohol free 6ml set

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Musk Combo Attars

1. Musk For Men

Hasan Oud鈥檚 musk for men exudes confidence and mystery with its woody warm scent. This intense combination of scents is a must-have for any man who knows what he wants. The fragrance features notes of white musk, woods and florals for a sophisticated, classy and masculine finish. And the bottle is equally romantic with wooden detailing. This fragrance will woo her and draw her to you like a moth to a flame. A gallant musk commands attention yet sooths with a floral touch. A scent that is the depiction of an intention, sinister or innocent, who is to say?聽

2. Musk Hasan

Musk Hasan聽is strong and somewhat powdery. On initial application the musk notes are predominant. After a couple of minutes the oud, incense, and wood notes become detectable but do not take over from the musk.聽 The spiciness of the oud combined with the woods makes this a warm, full bodied scent.聽

3. White Musk

The classic fragrance of the musk in an amalgamation with flowers making it a truly timeless, artistic and charming creation.聽

4. Musk Rose

Hand picked rose petals give a velvet bed to the musk and spices with a dash of citrus freshness adding an unexpected twist.
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