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Traditional Indian Attars Alcohol free 6ml Combo

Traditional Indian Attars Alcohol free 6ml Combo

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1. Jannat Al Firdaus

Jannat Al Firdaus聽is a citrusy floral fragrance with an herbal twist The top notes are fruity and full of citrus as the essence of sour o lemon mate but yet the heart includes notes such as gardenia, jasmine and lotus which create a beautiful aroma to linger and the base notes are classic to oriental making it complex smelling.聽

2. Majmua Hasan

The goal in creating this fragrance was to develop something that is inspired by India itself. This unique fragrance has notes of saffron, floral, amber, musk, with spices and woods. The woody-amber base provides a long lasting base.聽

3. Ruh Kannauj

From the oldest perfume houses located in the fragrance capital of India, Kannauj, comes an attar that has within it a history of expertise coming down through generations of perfumers spread over a timeline counting centuries. Meticulously distilled, watched and matured, this spicy herbal and balsamic attar in its own way, is directly from the masters.
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