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Attar Mitti Premium Fragrances Alcohol Free Attar By Hasan Oud

Attar Mitti Premium Fragrances Alcohol Free Attar By Hasan Oud

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Attar Mitti Premium Fragrances Alcohol Free Attar  By Hasan Oud

Experience the essence of nature with Attar Mitti, a premium  fragrance that embodies the timeless beauty of the earth. Crafted using a centuries-old recipe, this premium fragrances attar captures the purest fragrance of wet soil and sandalwood, resulting in an exquisite blend that will truly uplift your senses.

Every step in the creation of Attar Mitti is a labor of love. Meticulously extracted from clay pots, this premium fragrances attar carries the authentic aroma of the earth itself. The process of extraction ensures that the fragrance retains its natural and captivating qualities, immersing you in the very essence of the soil.

To enhance its allure, Attar Mitti is delicately blended with the finest sandalwood premium  fragrances. This harmonious combination transports you to those intimate moments in the midst of a refreshing rainfall, when each raindrop gracefully kisses the soil. It is during these personal and nostalgic encounters that feelings of comfort, healing, and nostalgia effortlessly arise.

Notes : wet soil, woody, creamy 

Best for: Those who love smell of clay fragrance. .
Longevity: this is for personal experience
Projection: moderate
Compliments: this is for more of personal taste
Occasion: depend on the wearer personality
Suitable for: summer and slightly cold weather

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