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Black Oud Alcohol Free By Hasan Oud

Black Oud Alcohol Free By Hasan Oud

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Black Oud

Notes :oud, amber, dark floral, spices

The scent of a modern era, the scent that made men fall silent and women swoon, this is a unique and profound elixir crafted by master perfumers to delight in the elegance of pure black oud. The most precious oils in nature meet the most accomplished creators in the art of perfume. Its complex scent envelops you like a cloud of amber, dark floral and spices with undertones of oud.

Best for: Those who love woody slightly spicy fragrance.
Longevity: Last for 10 to 12 hour on skin on fabric last for 24 hour.
Projection: Fills the entire room.
Compliments: Those who love fresh woody and smell of cardamom they will appreciate it.
Occasion: office, college, party.
Suitable for: summer and weather

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