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DELHI By Hasan Oud Pure Perfume Powerful Fragrance

DELHI By Hasan Oud Pure Perfume Powerful Fragrance

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DELHI By Hasan Oud

Notes : Bergamot, Neroli, Rose, Pinkpepper, Cashmeran, Cinnamon, Vetiver vanilla, Amber, Civet, Darkmusk

Looted, plundered and destroyed countless times, yet the city stands for over thousands of years. Delhi faced the brunt of invasions from foreigners, who eventually, were so mesmerized by it that they willingly left their ancestral motherland to make this the home of their future dynasty.

Each ruler had the urge to leave a lasting impact on the city and in a way, they did! Evident by the planning and fortification which signify that they were keen to protect this crown jewel.

Reaching into the modern era, Delhi remains the city of hussle and bustle. Not just financial but also political. The concentration of power is what truly defines Delhi. To this power, the perfumer pays homage and in his mind he also has the heritage which is timeless and eternal.

A luminous neroli and a vibrant bergamot give you a welcome with a hint of Rose and spjcy freshness of the pink pepper. In the background are darker resinous backgrounds courtesy of a dark musk and civet combination.

A depiction of authority as it envelopes the surrounding entirely with a rich cinnamon and amber gives the scent a sweet approachability. The final touch of warmth is added with a gentle vanilla and soft cashmeran sprinkled upon with an earthy vetiver.


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