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Fresh Oud Alcohol Free By Hasan Oud

Fresh Oud Alcohol Free By Hasan Oud

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Fresh Oud

Notes :Damask Rose, Saffron, Papyrus, Citruses, Agarwood, Moroccan Rose, Castoreum, Geranium, Patchouli, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood

Fresh oud is a collection that captures the very essence of modern masculinity and sensuality. This subtle yet powerful fragrance has a rich deep scent that creates an air of confidence and energy.

Best for: Those who love fresh woody citrusy fragrance.
Longevity: Last for 10 to 12 hour on skin on fabric last for 24 hour.
Projection: Fills the entire room.
Compliments: Those who love citrusy woody smell they will appreciate it.
Occasion: summer and winter
Suitable for: summer and winter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Fragrance is dominated by a light yet lingering rose scent(Not the Indian kind). The scent profile improves over time and has good longevity.A must try for those who prefer rose, geranium notes .

Uazir Syed .
Couldn鈥檛 ask for better!

The quality and service are par excellence. A great buy!.

Ajay Singh Josan

Oud bottle broke unfortunately and sandle is very lite
I have ordered one more oud
Will try n let you know

Aniket Sharma

Elegance class definition....... Hasan ouds presentation is one of the best presentation in Indian perfumery or attar oil industry... I just want to talk to hasan bhai just to say him a big big thanks ....if it could be possible to talk to him...

Ruzan Qureshi


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