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GOA By Hasanoud Pure Perfume Powerful Aquatic Fragrance

GOA By Hasanoud Pure Perfume Powerful Aquatic Fragrance

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GOA By Hasanoud

Notes : Bergamot Oil, Orange, Basil, Calone, Ginger, Sichuan Pepper, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Wood Base, Ambroxan, Ambrettolde.

Party, vacation and tranquility is what attracts visitors to Goa from far reaches. Romantic sumsets drenched in hues of red and orange with a foreground of gushing waves on to the white sands and a refreshing cocktail to go along with it.

Warm, but welcoming weather all year round which is best experienced on the back of a motorcycle. Visit the marvelous churches and basilicas that have within them the soul of spirituality brought forward from the colonial era.

Enjoy water sports on beaches and feel the adrenaline giving you the rush as you parasail over the seas and explore your adventurous spirit. Take a dip in the sea and let the waves push you back on the sands with the salty breeze taking away all your day today stresses.

Bright as the sunshine glare, shimmering over the waters is a citrus top composed of bergamot and orange which is further supplemented with a herbal green tone of basil and a zingy ginger. This is further uplifted a spicy Sichuan pepper.

A blend of a freshly cut watermelon along with a Cedarwood gives the feeling of having a fruity drink while facing the sea breeze. Ambergris, the perfect translation of the scent essence of the sea into a physical form, prevails in the base. Slightly tart, yet fresh, it lends an aquatic earthy tone which is further enhanced by an oakmoss.

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