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GUJARAT by Hasanoud Pure Perfume Powerful Gourmand Fragrance

GUJARAT by Hasanoud Pure Perfume Powerful Gourmand Fragrance

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Gujarat by Hasanoud

Notes : Patchouli, Suede, Date, Vanilla, Smoke notes, Oud hindi, Ambroxan, Dark florals, Herbal notes

A province which is one the most dynamic and progressive that India has. Owing to that it has given exemplary entrepreneurs and innumerable business and industrial innovations to the world. But my laudation goes to them for their avid love of food.

Especially inspired by the love of desserts and sweet delicacies. Composed around vanilla, here is what the perfumer envisions a scent should be.

A mouthwatering blast of vanilla in the opening combined with dates brought in from Arabia will engulf you completely and create an inviting scent clound around you.

Dark florals spread out over a smooth suede leather contribute with further more creamy texture.

Sprinkles of resinous Patchouli soaked in aged and dense Hindi oud provide an everlasting base to the composition.

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