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Hasan Oud Premium Attar Sample Set of 10 Powerful Long Lasting Attar Oils

Hasan Oud Premium Attar Sample Set of 10 Powerful Long Lasting Attar Oils

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We are always trying new ways to reach out to our valuable customers and help them enjoy their fragrance journey. We try to make the perfume experience easier by presenting user-friendly ideas and offerings. We are presenting you with our first-ever sampler set. We have been already selling 1 ml sample vials of our attar collection. However, we thought that we shall make a set of 10 attars, 1 ml each, and present to our valuable customers to try. The idea behind creating a sampler set is for you to try the different options available and then make a decision whether you want to buy a bigger bottle or not. It might have happened with you that you bought a bottle of attar just by reading the notes and you end up not liking it. To avoid that scenario, we think it is best to sample a number of attars before deciding which one you would like to go for. We are offering the sampler set at an affordable price so that more people can try them. If you would buy the sample vials separately, you would end up paying more. As we are presenting them in a sampler set form, we are offering a discount so that you try them without any second thought.

The sample set will contain the below 10 of the following attars:

Golden oud 
Silver oud
Amber oud
Amber rose
Black oud
White oud
Fresh rose, 
Oud mukhallat
Sandal hasan 
Musk rose 


Come on and order a sampler set for you or your fragrance lover friend now!

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