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KERALA by Hasanoud Pure Perfume Powerful Fragrance

KERALA by Hasanoud Pure Perfume Powerful Fragrance

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Kerala by Hasanoud

Notes : Pineapple, Citruses, Ambergris, Rum, Coffe, Tonka beans, Patchouli, Soil tincture, Mysore Sandalwood, Musk, Chocolate, Cream.

Situated in the heart of Kerala is Vazhakulam, better known as the Pineapple City due to large scale cultivation of this fruit. Predominantly covered in dense greenery, it is naturally rich and captivating. It offers rejuvenation in the cradle of God's own country. 

Experience boat rides in the backwaters of Arabian Sea lined with heavy flora all around comprising of pineapple and citrus fruit orchards. Relax in the aroma of essential oils or indulge in sensorial experiences, it offers everything as captured in this creation. A fruity and citrus opening led by pineapple soaked in a sensual and powdery musk. Then, to capture the earthy essence an exclusive soil tincture is here as a signature of the perfumer. The heart is composed of an airy and tantalising combination of tonka bean, chocolate, rum and coffee that act as the perfect transition towards the base accord.

The base is a carnival of contrasts with Patchouli, sandalwood and cream accord in dominance of the drydown. The all essential Ambergris rounds the edges of sharp fruity tones with a slightly salty yet refreshing vibe of the Arabian Sea.

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