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MYSORE OUD By Hasan Oud Pure Parfum powerful sandalwood oud fragrance

MYSORE OUD By Hasan Oud Pure Parfum powerful sandalwood oud fragrance

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MYSORE OUD By Hasan Oud 50ml Pure Purfum

Notes of Maysore oud

Mysore, Mysore sandalwood, Oud, Darkmusk, Civet, Bergamot.

On a warm and bright sunny day, the Nawab leaves his palace for a day of games and hunting. As he moves past a grove of sandalwood tress, he can experience the sweet alluring aroma being carried towards him by the gentle breeze.

Soaked in the aroma of oud, the fine silk robes emanate a resinous rich fragrance which in unison with creamy rich sandalwood create a halo of divinity around the Nawab

The perfumer paints the picture in scent with some nuances of his own. This creation will wrap you with a sensual sandalwood. As this blanket soothes you the oud is added to complete regal experience.

The oud is sweet and resinous with a distinct powdery tone, which is like no other and yet is sophisticated and marvelous in its own way.

As you go deeper into the experience of this fragrance, a dark musk and civet note will greet you in passing to give a balance to the creaminess but not make the concoction overly animalic.

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