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Ruh-E-Khus No. 1 Premium Fragrances alcohol-free attar by Hasan Oud

Ruh-E-Khus No. 1 Premium Fragrances alcohol-free attar by Hasan Oud

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Ruh-E-Khus No. 1 Premium Fragrances alcohol-free attar by Hasan Oud 

Do you love the smell of freshly cut grass? Do you enjoy the fragrance of the soil of our beloved motherland? If you said yes, RUH KHUS, a premium fragrances  is for you, which literally means Soul of Khus (Vetiver). This is the greenest, freshest and grassiest attar that you would ever sniff.

A single drop of premium fragrances Ruh Khus is enough to bring back childhood memories of the monsoon season in your village. Imagine it just rained and the whole environment smells fresh, grassy, earthy, and woody. The raindrops also enlivened the stack of hay that was kept aside; hence, the pure oil also gives a dry and slightly leathery feel. It is presented in a traditional leather kuppi to give you an authentic feel of the premium fragrances attar. The leather kuppi also soaks any extra moisture from the Ruh Khus as it ages

Ruh-E-Khus No. 1, a premium fragrances attar is brought And picked By Mr. Hasan Siddiqui Himself. Ruh Khus Also Known As Vetiver Essential Oil Extracted From The Vetiver Plant. A Clumpy Green Grass Grown In India. Distilled in traditional copper alembics, Ruh Khus No. 1 is one of the finest Ruh Khus available. It is heavy and smooth...a true treasure for your collection. Use it to add a warm leathery, earthy fresh premium fragrance to your favorite woody or oriental colognes. It may also be blended with rose or other natural essences for men's or women's premium fragrances.  You May Also Try Applying Vetiver Oil Topically. Ruh Khus No 1 Is 100% Natural.

 Notes. Fresh, Green, Earthy, Slightly Leathery, Dry, Smoky, Woody, Grassy

Best for. those who love Fresh green woody smell.
Longevity. last for 8 to 10 hour on skin on fabric last for 24 hour.
Projection. fills the entire room.
Compliments. those who love Natural vetiver they will appreciate it.

Occasion. depends on the wearer’s personality.
Suitable for. summer.


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