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Shamama Premium Fragrances By Hasanoud alcohol free attar

Shamama Premium Fragrances By Hasanoud alcohol free attar

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Shamama Premium Fragrances By Hasanoud alcohol free attar

When you step into any attar shop, the allure of Shamama is undeniable, making it an essential inclusion for attar enthusiasts and collectors alike. No attar collection is truly complete without the distinctive aroma of Shamama. In the rich tapestry of India's attar tradition, Shamama stands out, crafted from a blend of natural ingredients such as flowers, spices, herbs, and roots, creating a premium  fragrance that has deep cultural roots.

Shamama hold a special place in Indian perfumery, each distiller safeguarding their unique formula as a closely guarded secret. The diversity is such that some distillers even produce multiple grades of this natural premium fragrances attar, showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship involved. Traditionally associated with warmth, Shamamas find their preference during the winter months, making them an integral part of the olfactory experience.

At Hasan Oud, our Shamama, a premium fragrances attar  embodies the essence of this traditional attar while introducing unique elements that set it apart. Unlike the stereotypical flowery notes, our Shamama takes on a darker, more mysterious persona. Enveloped in an abundance of spices, it promises to invigorate your senses, creating a sensory journey that is both exotic and enticing.

For those seeking more than just a premium fragrance, Shamama by Hasan Oud offers a journey into the heart of attar craftsmanship. With a blend that respects tradition while embracing innovation, our Shamama is a testament to the dedication and passion we infuse into crafting fragrances that resonate with attar enthusiasts and collectors seeking a truly distinctive experience.

 Notes. Tobacco, musk, oud, spices, saffron

Best for. Those who love  warm and spicy fragrance. .
Longevity. Last for 10 to 12 hour on skin on fabric last for 24 hour.
Projection. Fills the entire room.
Compliments. Those who love warm and spicy smell they will appreciate it. Occasion. depends on wearer’s personality .
Suitable for. Winter

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