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Winter Combo Long Lasting Compliments Getting Attars Alcohol free

Winter Combo Long Lasting Compliments Getting Attars Alcohol free

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Winter Combo Attars

1, Spirit Of Kanpur,

Delight in the deep rich notes of jasmine, olibanum, and a classic leather accord. Faint hints of floral undertones complemented by gentle wood notes emerge to create a sophisticated fragrance that is perfect for winter and rainy season.

2, Meenar

The captivating and long-lasting fragrance of this attar is made specifically for those who love these notes: leather, sandalwood, oud, floral, vanilla, spices. Meenar is an exceptional, high-quality attar that鈥檚 formulated for men and women and this complements everyone. It has been infused with rare Indian essences including sandalwood, vanilla and others in order to make a powerful long lasting attar. base is composed of carefully distilled oud oil which gives it a unique spin.

3, Mukhallat hasan

A contemporary gourmand attar with a soft vanilla and bees wax base composed over Hindi oud, dark floral and patchouli, this one breaks the stereotype and changes the face of the traditional attar. Personality : A radiant, confident and optimistic person, an extrovert, who usually sees the positive side of things. Likes to experience exotic, open and novel environments. Motivations : Typically has a desire for self-expression and the need for uniqueness and perfectionism. May wish to be more creative or original than they are. Frustrations : When they feel that others do not acknowledge their creativity or attempts at expression. May feel misunderstood or blocked in the pursuit of their goals,聽

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